Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Two-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber _100L

Product model :ML-100A

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Temperature conditions have a large impact on the function and reliability of electronic components, equipment and system.

Details Description
Temperature conditions have a large impact on the function and reliability of electronic components, equipment and system. In order to find potential defects in the shortest time, conventional temperature tests are not enough. So that we need to perform a temperature shock test and let the test sample go through multiple sudden temperature changes.

Two-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber


Wired and wireless network controller, multiple devices can be centrally controlled; check the status of test products by remote cameras (optional);
Environmentally friendly refrigerant: R404A/R23, R449A/R508B for Europe;
The standard machine use a hanging basket-type vertical lifting mechanism, and the large machine use a left-right translation mechanism, driven by a cylinder + chain.
Stainless steel inner material;
Shock temperature range: -65℃ to +200℃;
Basket switching time ≤10S;
Shock recovery time: ≤5min (for standard), ≤3min (for non-standard);
Standard Models:

80L, 100L, 150L, 225L, 408L, 800L, 1000L (Inner size)
Details Specifications
Model ML-100A               
Test weight (KG) 10
Interior size W(mm) 500
H(mm) 450
D(mm) 450
Exterrior material W(mm) 1300
H(mm) 1850
D(mm) 2000
High Temp. Chamber  +60ºC ~ +200ºC
Low Temp. chamber  -55ºC ~ -10ºC
Pre-heat time  +20 ºC ~ -55 ºC ,Within 60 min
Test. chamber  -40 ºC ~ +150 ºC
High Temp. chamber  +60 ºC ~ +200 ºC
Pre-heat time  +60 ºC ~ +200 ºC ,Within 25 min
Recovery time High-Temp Exposure 30 min
Low-Temp Exposure 30 min
Recovery time within 5 min
Transfer time within 10 seconds
Safety device No fuse breaker, over pressure \ over heat and over current protection for compressor,                            
over temperature protection, over load protection for blower, dry heat protection
Standard accessory Cable port(portΦ50mm)*1,   shelves*2
Interior material Stainless steel plate ( SUS 304 )
Exterior material Baked painting steel or stainless steel(SUS304)
Insulation material Rigid polyurethane Foam glass fiber wool
Refrigeration system Water Cooled
Semi-hermetic compressor, cascade  refrigeration system,                                                                             
 CFC free refrigerant ( HFC-507 and HFC-23 )
Controller Panel:7-inch LCD Touch panel , Chinese or English display selectable
Operation model:Program or fix point running
Memory capacity:120programs,1200steps , all repeat 999cycles , part repeat 99 cycles.
Accuracy:Temp.:0.1% of F.S±1 digit     Humidity:0.1% of F.S±1 digit
Input:Temp.:pt-100                Humidity:pt-100 or  ~ 5V DCV
Ambient Temp. +5 ºC~ +35 ºC
Power AC 380±10 %  50Hz ,3 phase 4 wires +Ground Wires