Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber | MF-90C

Product model :MF-90C

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Item No.MF-90CWork Room Dimension90×60×50cmOuter Dimension141×90×120Capacity270LSalt Solution Tank Capacity20LPower SupplyAC 220V、50HZ2.5KWTechnical ParameterTemperatureRT+5℃~

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    Item No. MF-90C
    Work Room Dimension 90×60×50cm
    Outer Dimension 141×90×120
    Capacity 270L
    Salt Solution Tank Capacity 20L
    Power Supply AC 220V、50HZ
    Technical Parameter Temperature RT+5℃~50℃
    Fluctuation ≤±1.0℃
    Deposition 1~2ml/h/80cm2
    Salt Spray Spray Tower In the Middle for F-60C/F-90C 
    On the side for F-120C/F-160C/F-200C
    Spray Concentration and deposition uniformity Can be adjusted
    Spray Nozzle PYREX accurate crystal nozzle
    Spray Type Support Neutral, acid or copper solvent, or customized solvent according to test standards. 
    Defog  Defog by high pressure air and customer can guide the fog outside.
    Touchscreen Controller Temperature Control Range: RT+5℃~50℃, Accuracy: 0.1℃
    Controller Item No.: VT4810 
    Saturating Tank Temperature Control Range: 47~70℃,   Accuracy: 0.1℃
    Heating Tank Over-temperature Protector: 0~110℃
    Mobile phone App and computer software can monitor water level, test time, temperature, save temperature record, etc.
    Test Time Count: 0~99999 min; Break time count: 0~99999 min
    Pressure regulator: First stage on the back of chamber, while second stage on the front.
    Material High temperature and fire resistant PP
    Ambient Condition 1.  Temperature: 5℃~35℃
    2. Humidity: ≤85%R•H.
    3.  No severe vibration
    4.  No direct sun light or heat radiation
    5. No severe magnet effect
    6. No high concentration dust or correcting material
    Note Customization is welcome

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